Condominium Law

attorney-nhThe firm’s principal has established years of experience successfully assisting Condominium Associations in a wide variety of legal issues.  Presently, the firm represents several dozen Associations throughout the State of New Hampshire and works with a variety of management companies in that context.  Matters involving Condominium Associations, with which the firm commonly becomes involved include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • Collection of Unpaid Assessments
  • Amendment and Drafting of Condominium Instruments
  • Rule Enforcement
  • Insurance Claims
  • Condominium Governance
  • Condominium Development
  • Construction Defect/Warranty Claims
  • Fair Housing Act Claims/Discrimination Matters
  • Dispute Resolution
  • General Support to Association Boards and Management

The rights of Condominium Unit Owners and the Association’s responsibilities are complicated and varied depending upon the governing documents of each Association and the facts pertinent to each issue that arises.  It is essential that every Association Board, Management Company, and Association Member have a working knowledge of those rules that apply to them under each given set of circumstances.  The firm’s principal frequently consults with Boards, Management Companies and Unit Owners to provide the professional and expert assistance necessary to provide that understanding and guidance.


As a property management company managing several associations in New Hampshire, it is imperative that we have a knowledgeable attorney who not only understands condo law but can explain the technicalities of law in terms that my clients can understand. Attorney Ward has proven himself invaluable in many aspects of communicating his vast experience and knowledge with regards to condo law, process of obtaining past due assessments, and walking us through the lien process. His experience and attentiveness to our associations delinquencies has proven quite successful in obtaining these funds due to the Association but also follows through to make sure those delinquencies are not repeated. Attorney Ward is always reachable whenever needed and communicates very effectively and timely. As our company preaches on customer service for our clients, Attorney Ward takes it to the next level in ways that no other Attorney has in our 17 years of dealing with various law firms. I would highly recommend Attorney Ward and the Law Offices of V. Richards Ward Jr.
— Steven A Miller, Managing Member of S.S. Maguire Management LLC


We have been working with Rick for over ten (10) years. He has been instrumental in managing collections and a diverse variety of other legal matters for us in regards to both Residential/Commercial Condominium Associations, Retail Strip Plaza Tenants, and Residential Landlord/Tenant , as well as becoming a trusted advisor for my own company and any legal advise. He and his staff have always been highly accommodating and a pleasure to work with, while achieving consistent results.
— T.C.